Harbor Blue Seafood’s family owned and operated plant opened for business in 2005. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist with basic services to fleets and independent fishermen. Crews work directly with our shore captain and engineers to ensure a smooth unloading process.

Shoreside services include unloading, processing, sales and marketing, and seafood distribution. Our ability to unload multiple vessels at the same gets fresh seafood in front of our sales and distribution staff as quickly as possible.

All Harbor Blue fish is graded and carefully selected to maintain a very high standard of quality. The flexibility of our new, modern facility allows us to service a variety of customers, from the largest retailers to the smallest fish markets and restaurants.

We currently receive and distribute all Northeast Species including scallop, longline sword and tuna, crab, lobster, surf clam.

Our sales and marketing staff of industry-educated professionals purchases product from around the world to be marketed here and abroad.

Our Fleet

F/V Diane Marie
F/V Eileen Marie
F/V Kris & Amy
F/V Corsair
F/V Kathy Ann
F/V North Queen
F/V Stephanie Vaughn

Our Friends

F/V Miss Lyndsey
F/V Mariette
F/V Mandy Lynn
F/V Golden Nugget
F/V Provider II
F/V Shady Lady
F/V Bookie
F/V Silver Fox
F/V Sea Fox
F/V Alexandria Dawn


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